Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Review is defined in the English dictionary as to look, study or examine again and it’s time to take a look in the mirror of your entire year 2010.
This is the last week in the year, running back through this month, and the eleven months past; taking time to travel one month after the other purely to examine in a bid to celebrate.
Choose to laugh, smile, and cry where necessary. You undoubtedly will be better for it. There are successes you have experienced that truly require some stock taking. There’s a school of thought that thinks such a review would lead to a downward spiral since it may turn out to be an unpleasant study time for some.
Regardless of the goals, successes or dreams that we didn’t achieve during the year, you haven’t failed. Don’t turn off focus on the need to review your year.
Reviewing gives some energy to you in the direction of your future goals and also achievements. Soon as you review, work on new goals and also add dreams and goals you didn’t achieve this year.
A coaching colleague engaged his circle of influence recently which I rephrased into questions: What progress did you achieve and advance at this year? Have you used, bought or used any new technology? (This could include: mental, emotional or spiritual technology as well as digital, electronic mechanical technology) in 2010. How did you deploy your leadership abilities? Any new abilities, skills and or competencies developed?
Did you develop a new relationships or rose to a new level-deepening an existing relationship? Did you let go of clutter, bad habits or negative people. Finally on these, was there any advancement around your health and fitness (say weight, exercise, cholesterol, sports) and endurance?
Every form of progress sincerely deserves some form of celebration. Personally I bought myself a wrist watch to celebrate myself. As I wrote in my book: Monday Morning Motivation, Your Work Week Starter; “Rising this season-today to celebrate empowers you; you can create the celebration experience you desire tomorrow with an investment now which holds so much more within.”