Sunday, July 20, 2014


Africa is a beautiful continent; terrific cities spread across the entire continent that I look forward to traveling annually as an African Adventurer, Author, professional speaker, team- building Consultant and peak performance coach.

Checked into hotels sixty (60) plus days one year.  When you want to get the best out of anything, getting to define it makes finding it easier.  The English dictionary definition of hotel is an establishment providing accommodation, meals and other services for travellers and tourists.

Service must be excellent morning noon and night for it to be completely excellent. The evening I arrived Noah’s Ark Hotels and stepped into the beautiful lobby my hope (having only positive expectations) sadly was short lived as “communication challenge created discontent within me that I questioned the service they had to offer,” however after been persuaded by a young friend who was kind to have driven me from several hours that night after battling with his car’s battery which had to be jumpstarted due to a near car-jacking situation that was saved due to the alarm fitted unto it.

RO (his initials) suggested we look at their rooms and bathroom, which I agreed and viewed a suite that was different from where I was taken to after checking into Noah’s Ark.

Any hotel or bed and breakfast, lodge or Guest House I stay in are assessed by a good bed, beautiful breakfast and service delivery not to mention the bathroom which leads me to the experience side of Noah’s Ark a name that reminds me of order and not chaos as biblical history recorded.

The reverse was the case at this hotel. Upon arriving at the breakfast table I was looking forward to buffet breakfast since I saw table was set, the only challenge was I was told to return in 15minutes only to get a phone call that my breakfast was ready 30minutes later.

Then it dawned on me when I got to the table it was a la carte-slice of bacon, some mushrooms, and toasted bread. I ended up not having eggs since eggs made for me were made without my opinion how I wanted it. The waiter informed me their chef said he couldn’t make another as they had run out of eggs, same excuse made about sausages.

I got back to my room in a bid to go have a bath and found out there was no soap in their guest accessories mini-basket and shockingly a worm was crawling in the bath tub I was looking forward to seating to have a good wash.

Well, looks as if something that was in Noah’s Ark in Biblical history records was obvious in the bathroom and eggs and sausages that were expected to be in abundance in this Noah’s Ark are lacking.
Guess you will learn from my experience-never judge a Bed and breakfast (B&B) Lodge, guesthouse, hotel by its name of claim, unless you are willing to taste-experience all types of services like this one that left me thinking-What A Noah’s Ark!