Friday, July 29, 2011


Impossibility is defined in the English dictionary as something not possible, unable to be, exist or happen. Nothing on the other hand is defined as indicating the absence of meaning, value worth; zero quantity. Fusing them together, we’ll arrive at this definition-“Something not possible, unable to exist or happen is value worth; zero quantity.” You may want to flip it to mean “nothing is impossible.”
Key words are “something, possible, happen and value worth; zero quantity” which we need to take note of as we travel in life.
Start and think for a moment about how you would live life if you were deaf and blind. Would you attempt college? Write books? Learn four different languages? Become a political activist? If so, then you would be in good company with the extra ordinary person who was Helen Keller. She accomplished everything mentioned above and then some. Needless to say, she had and therefore made the world a better place.
Helen Adams Keller was born a healthy child in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA on June 27th, 1880. As an infant before she could learn how to speak, was diagnosed with brain fever at the time; perhaps it was scarlet fever which left her deaf and blind.
Her growth from infancy to childhood-she was wild and unruly, and had little, real understanding of the world around her.
In “The Story of My Life” in her own words, Helen Keller at age 22 a student of Radcliffe College, sister School of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Helen’s life experienced a transformation upon arrival of Anne Sullivan, her teacher and mentor, when she succeeded in conveying to Helen the “mystery of language” began March day 1887 when she was a few months short of seven years old. On that day, which Miss Keller was always to call “The most important day I can remember in my life,” Miss Sullivan, a 20year old graduate of the Perkins school for the blind, came to Keller through sympathetic interest of Alexander Graham Bell.
Miss Sullivan turned the uncontrolled child into a responsible human being and succeeded in awakening and stimulating her marvelous mind.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Good better best, I shall never rest, until my good is better and my better best. “The words of nursery rhyme I remember singing gone in my days at Kindergarten”. These words were also highlighted at a speech of mine years ago emphasizing the need for us all to take our life journey seriously so we can daily improve every way possible.
Except the journey’s seen as very important, there will be no drive to deliver the dreams safely daily. You must wake up with a mindset that the experiences and or successes seen yesterday is your least and tomorrow would be your best life which however is running now.
Dr. Myles Munroe once shared his life story at a conference I attended about their love for fruits of their neighbours which he and his brother always skipped their fence regardless of a ferocious looking Alsatian dog in the home.
One day while on the tree plucking fruits the dog showed up and began barking. He was alone that fateful day, jumped down and literally ran for his life, when he got to the fence, energy unimaginable showed up ‘putting him in a vantage position never experienced he jumped and arrived at the tip of the fence, on the other side in no time-their own house.
The young Myles said he looked back and didn’t think he was the same person who over the years spent time climbing the same fence gently to the other side and back.
Our real life exists someplace beyond what we have experienced since our existence. The real life lives within, where the moral of the story comes from; Myles had always being able to do that jump, but the energy locked within was set free that day due to the fact that he chose to run for his life.
We live a laidback life until the life we are living gets used up and boring to the extent that we get angered inside and deploy your developed life inside-the real life which will only work this week when you decide to run for your life.

Monday, July 4, 2011


An experiment was conducted in which a group of scientists observed some rats in a tank of water to see how long they would survive before drowning. The average time was 17 minutes. They repeated the experiment, this time rescuing the rats just before drowning.
When the “rescued rats” were submerged in the water again, the average survival time increased to 36 hours! The scientists explained that the second time around, the rats had hope and believed they could survive because they had been saved before.
Beginning the second half of this year; you, me, we will thrive regardless of the first half’s outcome. Take a moment to think about the rats “firstly, they made it till the seventeenth minute: only to travel further and farther-thirty; six hours broken down, has two thousand one hundred and sixty minutes” should you want to think outside the box that means we have seventeen minutes in one hundred and twenty seven places, which will be over 100%.
How did the rats surpass their first limit, they had hope and believed they could survive simply because they’ve been saved before. Key words “hope and belief” got them going further and farther from 17mins to 36hrs (2160mins) some 127times longer than their first effort.
English dictionary defines hope as; “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or events will turn out for the best.” The research submissions simply said the rescued rats anticipated things will turn out for the best.
Some school of thought says: “to hope is to risk pain” now if rats saw a reason to hope, expect and believe the best the second time. You, Me, We have no excuse but to believe in a positive outcome relating to the events, situations and daily circumstances of our lives.
Start this second half with hope, expectations stronger than the energy you unlocked in the first half of the year regardless of the experiences past. There’s only one place to begin-within. Walk and work it in your mind, then take action in the direction of your dream, desires and goals.