Monday, October 10, 2011


Green is defined in the English dictionary as covered by green growth or foliage. Nigeria as a nation recently marked its 51st independence, a weekend about 300 people gathered together in Victoria Island directly infront of Aim plaza home of Nigeria’s newest radio station “Nigeria info” aside coolfm and wazobia radios where Emmanuel Essien(popular referred to as Mannie) led us on a going green Nigeria park& ride.
Getting to ride a bicycle was sincerely fun-tastic as several ceos, media professionals, medical personnel teamed up passionately making a statement “green is good” for our community, city & country.
Coming out, taking time to talk about it, then teaming up by parking cars so we could ride, first and foremost was healthy, secondly several media professionals interviewed a couple of us about the decision to park & ride, which will have some long term benefits since government, not to talk of the civil society taking it serious-since our environment will only be what we make of it.
Taking a ride & talking about it on radio, TV and also print will help you, me, we work on our energy usage or consumption. No household can be efficient if other options are not taken into consideration.
Start simply by your power plugs; switch off or unplug when not in use, water usage can be lowered by shorter showers, turn off the tap when not washing dishes or brushing. Go local by buying to eat seasonal foods as out of season foods needs to be brought in from other climates thereby leading to the use of more fuel which we can cut back on its usage.
Switch to eco-friendly products or natural cleansing methods for the home that are non-toxic and do not emit harmful fumes. See that the air-conditioning is turned down when not in use, which will not only conserve energy, but also save money. You should see that you change lighting to energy efficient light bulbs.
Finally follow the reduce, reuse & recycle mantra to achieve a green household. Have everything recyclable recycled. Definitely green is good.

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