Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Land Is Green



Land is defined in the English dictionary as the solid part of the surface of the earth while green is defined as having positive environmental attributes or objectives.

When the land is green; it symbolizes life, growth and abundance. When the land is green; it signifies health, renewal, and environment. When the land is green; you experience fruitfulness. Several years ago a friend of mine TYBello released a song titled “The land is green.” She started the song saying “The Land is green can’t you see?” Exposure to the statistics of foreigners who fly into our great country Nigeria on a daily basis says to me many locals may not be experiencing the ever green possibilities of Africa’s most populous country-Nigeria.

All of us periodically suffer from the myth of the greener grass. Haven't there been times in your life when you thought things looked better on the other side of the fence? In your drive to succeed, haven't you dreamed of a field with less hardship and more rewards? Maybe in the face of some of your marital struggles you think life would be better if you had a different wife. 

Let me take you back to the definition of land “solid part of the surface of the earth” which will remain solid so long as it’s not watered. Green can be defined as “having positive environmental attributes or objectives.” Simply put, solid part of the surface of the earth having positive environmental attributes or objectives.

Several years ago a speaker colleague in America said; research has revealed foreigners succeed better in a nation simply because they arrive without the knowledge of the local challenges seen or experienced by locals who over time have lived in the place, city or nation.

Nigeria, Africa and all the nations of the world have positive environmental attributes or objectives. Seeing the attributes requires some conscious effort. The grass is not greener on the other side; it’s sincerely greener where it is watered.

Will you spend some time consciously looking at the solid surfaces with solid opportunities as several positive environmental attributes abound within Nigeria, Africa and the world? Wherever you are look and see because the land is green.




Thursday, October 20, 2011


Green at work will mean consciously bringing it to your task or duty post. The man who inspired the going green park & ride Emmanuel Essien (Mannie coolfm) must have been encouraged at work otherwise our riding bicycles during Nigeria’s independence weekend won’t have happened in the first place. Every person or professional should start a recycle program at work, way we are die hard recyclers at home, but not so much at work. Investing in some special waste containers as well as passion the word on is a good starting point.
Be bright about light today and daily at work. Keeping the lights off helps when not in use is important. Make it a habit to turn the lights off if you’re leaving the room for more than 15minutes or more as you can utilize natural light as much as possible.
Bringing lunch to work in reusable containers is the greenest (and healthiest) way to eat at work. Getting delivery and take away almost inevitably ends with a miniature mountain of packaging waste. Also, bring in reusable plates, utensils, and napkins. If you do go out for lunch, try walking instead of driving or possibly bike (by this I mean bicycle ride) not okada as we call it locally.
Print smarter. The average headquarters of a firm, company or corporation consumes 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. Recycle every paper, run prints on back of paper or use backside of old documents for faxes or drafts and do be mindful not every email needs to be printed out. There are also energy efficient or eco-friendly printers, copiers, faxes.
There's also a great product called a Smart Strip Power Strip is a power strip that stops idle current. The Smart Strip monitors power consumption and can sense the difference between when computers and other devices are on or off. Upon figuring this out, it shuts off the power, eliminating the idle current drawn from them.
Make efforts to create less waste in the office. Green at work isn’t only about buying recycled products. It’s also about buying long lasting products

Monday, October 10, 2011


Green is defined in the English dictionary as covered by green growth or foliage. Nigeria as a nation recently marked its 51st independence, a weekend about 300 people gathered together in Victoria Island directly infront of Aim plaza home of Nigeria’s newest radio station “Nigeria info” aside coolfm and wazobia radios where Emmanuel Essien(popular referred to as Mannie) led us on a going green Nigeria park& ride.
Getting to ride a bicycle was sincerely fun-tastic as several ceos, media professionals, medical personnel teamed up passionately making a statement “green is good” for our community, city & country.
Coming out, taking time to talk about it, then teaming up by parking cars so we could ride, first and foremost was healthy, secondly several media professionals interviewed a couple of us about the decision to park & ride, which will have some long term benefits since government, not to talk of the civil society taking it serious-since our environment will only be what we make of it.
Taking a ride & talking about it on radio, TV and also print will help you, me, we work on our energy usage or consumption. No household can be efficient if other options are not taken into consideration.
Start simply by your power plugs; switch off or unplug when not in use, water usage can be lowered by shorter showers, turn off the tap when not washing dishes or brushing. Go local by buying to eat seasonal foods as out of season foods needs to be brought in from other climates thereby leading to the use of more fuel which we can cut back on its usage.
Switch to eco-friendly products or natural cleansing methods for the home that are non-toxic and do not emit harmful fumes. See that the air-conditioning is turned down when not in use, which will not only conserve energy, but also save money. You should see that you change lighting to energy efficient light bulbs.
Finally follow the reduce, reuse & recycle mantra to achieve a green household. Have everything recyclable recycled. Definitely green is good.