Sunday, May 20, 2012


The English dictionary defines adversity as an unfortunate event or circumstance with the synonym been catastrophe,disaster,trouble. Every word defines my recent situation .Upon arrival at an airport I have touched down about 100 times, South Africa's World Class airport Oliver Reginald Tambo Airport named after Former Anc President and anti-Apartheid activist an airport that taught me a lesson recently I recall wheeling my trolley to a store to buy airtime and had to leave trolley outside since they were not allowed instore,I stepped out in less than 3 minutes only to see a man behind my trolley.That's my trolley I said as he responded, sorry this happens here once in a while.Without making a fuss out the situation I laughed it off and drove my trolley to my favorite store to buy my traditional hot chocolate only to find out that my men's purse was missing-God have mercy on me,my purse contained 3 travel passports I have had all my life,bank cards,some cash & aviators piece I got myself as a memento after successful summit up Kilimanjaro .One hour later South African Police Services(SAPS) opened a case file, released a detective to view the CCTV cameras which walked me back to the possible places I was pick pocketed.What do I do I asked myself? First thing I did was speak with friend Naomi who we had flown into South Africa together to attend the International Federation For Professional Speakers (IFFPS) regional convention, cared enough to come to my rescue. Everything felt like a dream,movie experience that didn't come close to its end. Robin S.Sharma Author,The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari said; “I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason,” the yogi Krishnan told him. “Every event has a why and all adversity teaches us a lesson... Never regret your past. Accept it as the teacher that it is.” I made a phone call to the Administrator, Centre For Coaching At The University Of Cape Town Graduate School Of Business where I recently started school without paying a rand,dime after narrating my experience. Every challenge,adversity can prosper us, once you allow yourself to learn what the experience brought to you in conclusion as Jimmy Buffet asserts; "It takes no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad.”