Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Now is the season and time, right now is the right time to celebrate everyone in your life who has spent some time from their life to open you and me up to opportunities.

Musa Njoko was told by a doctor; “You’re in the advanced stages of Aids and have three months to live.”

Musa believed him and went home solemnly, and prepared to die with a weak and emaciated body that was beginning to check out emotionally-reluctant to think about tomorrow.

This made Musa lay in bed for days, waiting to die, and led to disclosure of status to her sister so she’d know what caused her death, which once had escaped her mouth she said: “I realised that, rather than fizzle away, I could choose to go out with a bang and enjoy my last days. So I started listening to my favourite music..., although I couldn’t always dance to it.”

The meals that were her favourite was what she requested; ice cream and fried chicken, even though she could barely take more than a spoonful.

She spent time with family and close friends-though she couldn’t participate in the conversations. Njoko wanted to be in the same room. Earl Nightingale says: “Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” Little by little, I found the energy to do more things, until it seemed I wasn’t on the brink of dying, but was slowly coming back to life.

Njoko’s strength returned and she was able to sit up in bed and hold a glass of water and began questioning the doctor’s prognosis.

Someway through discussions and reading after coming out with the truth of her illness, she began to understand about aids. This knowledge empowered her physically and mentally that on the day she ought to have been dead, her health had improved so much that she walked into the doctor’s rooms.

So shocked was he to see her up and about. The 15th anniversary of hearing her prognosis was some eight weeks ago approximately.

Your celebrating life everyday is important to your living.




Friday, November 11, 2011


Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. The experience of gratitude has historically been a focus of several world religions,and has been considered extensively by moral philosophers such as Adam Smith.The systematic study of gratitude within psychology only began around the year 2000, possibly because psychology has traditionally been focused more on understanding distress rather than understanding positive emotions. However, with the advent of the positive psychology movement,gratitude has become a mainstream focus of psychological research. The study of gratitude within psychology has focused on the understanding of the short term experience of the emotion of gratitude (state gratitude), individual differences in how frequently people feel gratitude (trait gratitude), and the relationship between these two aspects.

In the words of William Arthur Ward:"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." Today treasure the 84,600 seconds sent to you for use in life, unwrap your gift through living life.
Melody Beattie once asserted: Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Walk tall today,this week and month realize rising up today is in itself a privilege handed to you for you and those around you.
I recall watching a special interview on a Briton who was advised by his doctor after series of tests that he had 60 plus days to live. The man woke up the following day went jogging after which he had a full English breakfast amongst other things. The day before he was supposed to die according to the medical report the media came back to interview him and asked what he would do the following day,he suggested they come watch him which they did and to their amazement the man lived life energetically as he had done and didn't die.The doctor ran series of tests on him again and discovered his health had improved,which was said to have experienced a turn-around due to his state of mind.  Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Land Is Green



Land is defined in the English dictionary as the solid part of the surface of the earth while green is defined as having positive environmental attributes or objectives.

When the land is green; it symbolizes life, growth and abundance. When the land is green; it signifies health, renewal, and environment. When the land is green; you experience fruitfulness. Several years ago a friend of mine TYBello released a song titled “The land is green.” She started the song saying “The Land is green can’t you see?” Exposure to the statistics of foreigners who fly into our great country Nigeria on a daily basis says to me many locals may not be experiencing the ever green possibilities of Africa’s most populous country-Nigeria.

All of us periodically suffer from the myth of the greener grass. Haven't there been times in your life when you thought things looked better on the other side of the fence? In your drive to succeed, haven't you dreamed of a field with less hardship and more rewards? Maybe in the face of some of your marital struggles you think life would be better if you had a different wife. 

Let me take you back to the definition of land “solid part of the surface of the earth” which will remain solid so long as it’s not watered. Green can be defined as “having positive environmental attributes or objectives.” Simply put, solid part of the surface of the earth having positive environmental attributes or objectives.

Several years ago a speaker colleague in America said; research has revealed foreigners succeed better in a nation simply because they arrive without the knowledge of the local challenges seen or experienced by locals who over time have lived in the place, city or nation.

Nigeria, Africa and all the nations of the world have positive environmental attributes or objectives. Seeing the attributes requires some conscious effort. The grass is not greener on the other side; it’s sincerely greener where it is watered.

Will you spend some time consciously looking at the solid surfaces with solid opportunities as several positive environmental attributes abound within Nigeria, Africa and the world? Wherever you are look and see because the land is green.




Thursday, October 20, 2011


Green at work will mean consciously bringing it to your task or duty post. The man who inspired the going green park & ride Emmanuel Essien (Mannie coolfm) must have been encouraged at work otherwise our riding bicycles during Nigeria’s independence weekend won’t have happened in the first place. Every person or professional should start a recycle program at work, way we are die hard recyclers at home, but not so much at work. Investing in some special waste containers as well as passion the word on is a good starting point.
Be bright about light today and daily at work. Keeping the lights off helps when not in use is important. Make it a habit to turn the lights off if you’re leaving the room for more than 15minutes or more as you can utilize natural light as much as possible.
Bringing lunch to work in reusable containers is the greenest (and healthiest) way to eat at work. Getting delivery and take away almost inevitably ends with a miniature mountain of packaging waste. Also, bring in reusable plates, utensils, and napkins. If you do go out for lunch, try walking instead of driving or possibly bike (by this I mean bicycle ride) not okada as we call it locally.
Print smarter. The average headquarters of a firm, company or corporation consumes 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. Recycle every paper, run prints on back of paper or use backside of old documents for faxes or drafts and do be mindful not every email needs to be printed out. There are also energy efficient or eco-friendly printers, copiers, faxes.
There's also a great product called a Smart Strip Power Strip is a power strip that stops idle current. The Smart Strip monitors power consumption and can sense the difference between when computers and other devices are on or off. Upon figuring this out, it shuts off the power, eliminating the idle current drawn from them.
Make efforts to create less waste in the office. Green at work isn’t only about buying recycled products. It’s also about buying long lasting products

Monday, October 10, 2011


Green is defined in the English dictionary as covered by green growth or foliage. Nigeria as a nation recently marked its 51st independence, a weekend about 300 people gathered together in Victoria Island directly infront of Aim plaza home of Nigeria’s newest radio station “Nigeria info” aside coolfm and wazobia radios where Emmanuel Essien(popular referred to as Mannie) led us on a going green Nigeria park& ride.
Getting to ride a bicycle was sincerely fun-tastic as several ceos, media professionals, medical personnel teamed up passionately making a statement “green is good” for our community, city & country.
Coming out, taking time to talk about it, then teaming up by parking cars so we could ride, first and foremost was healthy, secondly several media professionals interviewed a couple of us about the decision to park & ride, which will have some long term benefits since government, not to talk of the civil society taking it serious-since our environment will only be what we make of it.
Taking a ride & talking about it on radio, TV and also print will help you, me, we work on our energy usage or consumption. No household can be efficient if other options are not taken into consideration.
Start simply by your power plugs; switch off or unplug when not in use, water usage can be lowered by shorter showers, turn off the tap when not washing dishes or brushing. Go local by buying to eat seasonal foods as out of season foods needs to be brought in from other climates thereby leading to the use of more fuel which we can cut back on its usage.
Switch to eco-friendly products or natural cleansing methods for the home that are non-toxic and do not emit harmful fumes. See that the air-conditioning is turned down when not in use, which will not only conserve energy, but also save money. You should see that you change lighting to energy efficient light bulbs.
Finally follow the reduce, reuse & recycle mantra to achieve a green household. Have everything recyclable recycled. Definitely green is good.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Limitless is defined in the American heritage dictionary as having no limit, or limits, boundless which leads me to a movie I watched recently with the title Limitless A 2011 thriller film directed by Neil burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn with the screenplay by Leslie Dixon.
Edward "Eddie" Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a writer who lives in New York City. He has recently been dumped by his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) in addition to failing to meet the deadline to turn in his new book, which he hasn't started yet. One day, Eddie comes across Vernon Gant (Johnny Whitworth), the brother of his ex-wife, Melissa Gant (Anna Friel). Vernon is a drug dealer, and he offers Eddie a sample of a new nootropic drug, NZT-48, claiming it has the ability for humans to access 100% of the brain's power, as opposed to the normal 20%. Eddie accepts, and, much to his surprise, the drug does indeed work, allowing him to finish his book, which excites his agent.
There are a billions believe me, billions of opportunities the world over regardless of our last challenge, experience or limits. Like Edward in the movie “Limitless” whose experience enabled him make it beyond his limits
Research shows that you begin learning in the womb and go right on learning until the moment you pass on. Your brain has a capacity for learning that is virtually limitless, which makes every human a potential genius. Sadly out of the existing billions on the earth only a limited few walk out of their boundaries, limitations.
Some exciting part of the movie limitless I believe has a strong connection to our rising beyond our limits or remaining limited is our associations. Someone walked out of Edward “Eddie” in the movie’s life soon afterwards someone else walked into his life leading to his becoming limitless.
Finally Charles Kettering Says: There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. Release yourself, you’re limitless

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Life is a gift the Almighty; our creator releases to us all everyday. Your first wealth therefore becomes your health, which has so much more enveloped inside you for your good. I hope you will live out more love than you get-the way to getting much more than you have ever received, since you emerged in this space everyone occupies in some part of the world.
Do you love life? Experiencing everything good you desire this season has to begin by your decision to take your health more seriously-Your time that turns on us all life seasons of life.
Experiencing success as a professional, professor or protégé whoever you are or whatever you do. Time is to be treasured daily. You uncover and release your imprisoned splendor running on time and doing the best at the time.
We all live daily on twenty-four hours regardless of where you live in life. Research has however revealed that the rich have put their best into their time daily, which is the opposite for people who live poor.
Recently after a live television interview on National Television in Lagos, Nigeria (NTA Am Express) I strolled into one fast food restaurant to have breakfast, that Monday morning at Munchies, I placed my order of chicken salad, munchies roll and a pot of tea. Took my tray from serving point to the eating table area and took time to eat, then went to a workshop where I began feeling funny in my stomach and suspected since the pains were not subsiding after breakfast then I must have had food poison which was probably as a result of poor handling, preparation or storage-known as food borne illness.
Sadly the experience ate up my energy levels; I had to go get medical attention. Next I rode home, as I taxied home, thoughts about life and fact that it’s indeed a gift consumed my mind for the rest of the day, even in my sick state as I took a lot of water which my medical doctor/sports physician advised. Don’t trivialize your health; it’s your very first wealth.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Mind is defined as that which thinks, reasons, perceives, wills and feels. The mind now appears in no way separate from the brain. In Neuroscience, there is no duality between the mind and the body. They are one, no wonder the eyes of one man called “the human camera” could capture landscape and download details architecturally, yes Steven Wiltshire, born 24th April 1974 in London, England to west Indian parents and diagnosed with autism has the amazing ability to recall tiny details about anything he has seen just once and then reproduce them in drawings.
Steven studied Fine Arts at City & Guilds Art College, even though he was sent to Queensmill School in London where he expressed interest in drawing. He began to communicate through his art. At the age of eight, he started drawing imaginary post-earthquake cityscapes and cars.
His teachers encouraged his drawing and with their aid Wiltshire learned to speak at the age of five. When he was ten, Wiltshire drew a sequence of drawings of London landmarks, one for each letter, that he called a "London Alphabet."
For example, after Steven was flown over the city of Rome, he was asked to draw the city center on blank paper. Astonishingly, he accurately reproduced from memory the winding streets, the buildings, the windows, and other details.
Stephen's work has been the subject of many TV documentaries. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist, writes about him in the chapter "Prodigies", in his book An Anthropologist on Mars.
In May 2005 Stephen produced his longest ever panoramic memory drawing of Tokyo on a 10-foot-long (3.0 m) canvas within seven days following a short helicopter ride over the city. Since then he has drawn Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and London.
Nigeria as the most populous Black Country in Africa am positive will become a country of interest to him soon. In conclusion never forget that there’s no duality between your mind and body-your mind and body are one. Open your mind and make great strides into openings since every mind possess powers stronger than we know.

Monday, August 15, 2011


People everyday enable people everywhere succeed is one of the vital lessons I learned on the way up Uhuru peak-Kilimanjaro over the expedition experience that lasted 6 days. Success never happens without the support of someone somewhere somehow. We all need people, even the Lone ranger didn't travel alone he was supported by Tonto.
The story of Helen Keller's incomplete without the teacher that taught, trained, developed Helen named Annie Sullivan was the daughter of Irish immigrant farmers Thomas Sullivan and Alice Cloesy; she had one brother, Jimmie , who was crippled from tuberculosis. Growing up, Annie was subject to poverty and physical abuse by her alcoholic father and at the age of five, trachoma struck Annie, leaving her almost blind.

Two years later, her mother died shortly thereafter. Despite being left in an orphanage with no formal educational facilities, Annie Sullivan prospered. When the state board of charities chairman, Frank Sanborn visited the Tewksbury orphanage; Annie literally threw herself in front of him crying, "Mr. Sanborn, I want to go to school. "

After regaining her eyesight from a series of operations and graduating as class valedictorian in 1886 the perkins Institute for the blind, she began teaching Helen Keller. When Miss Sullivan first arrived, Helen was seven years old and highly undisciplined. Miss Sullivan had to begin her teaching with lessons in obedience, followed by teachings of the manual and braille alphasats. Sullivan attended clases with Keller and tutored her through the Perkins Institute. The Cambridge School For Young ladies and Radcliffe College.All who came in contact with them were amazed at the ability of Miss Sullivan to reach Miss Keller and Miss Keller heightened alibity to grasp to grasp concepts unheard of by deaf and blind students before Hall, Andrew Carnegie, Henry H. Rogers and John Spaulding were only a few of those who met them and supported them.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Committed is defined in the dictionary as pledge to a particular cause, engaged and obligated. Determined however is defined as been resolute or staunch.
Committed and determined together means resolute or staunch pledge to a particular cause, which I will like to explain using this true life story;
Once there was a skinny, awkward kid from New Jersey named Eugene Orowitz. He was painfully shy and very self-conscious. Although Eugene greatly lacked self-confidence, when a high school coach half-jokingly asked him to try out for the track team, Eugene took him up on it.
“Ugy,” as his friends affectionately called him, fell in love with javelin throwing and committed himself to being the best that he could possibly be. What Ugy lacked in self-confidence, he made up for in commitment.
By the time he graduated high school, Eugene had achieved a national High School record (for throwing the javelin 211 yards). His commitment to being the best also bought him a college track scholarship in sunny California!
A torn shoulder muscle ended his javelin-throwing career and any hope of making the Olympic team. However, while watching a play, Ugy fell in love with acting. So, again, he committed himself to being the best he could be. He was determined to make it in the ridiculously over-crowded acting field, so he enrolled in acting class.
Eugene Orowitz, better known as Michael Landon, went on to star in three of the most popular shows in television history: Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven and died 1991.
How many challenges have you had since you were born into this world? Did any of the experiences or challenges change your course or direction? Nothing should stop you, your dreams. Daily when you wake up you have just been provided with the opportunity to start from the start something you couldn’t conclude evening or day before. Begin again and or continue whatever, wherever you stopped or paused.
Determine and be committed today. Lastly in Burt Lawlor’s words; Decision and determination are the engineer and fireman of our train to opportunity and success

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Fast is defined in the English dictionary as acting, moving, or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift. Focused on the other hand is defined as to direct towards a particular point or purpose, a central point, as of attraction and attention, bringing them together for the benefit of our title “Fast and Focused” will mean acting or moving quickly, swift-direct towards a particular point or purpose.
A couple of days ago I was seated in-flight ‘twas a long haul trip that was supposed to last for six hours, shortly after we got on board and taxied the run way we were welcomed by the pilot that told us that we would arrive Lagos, Nigeria a bit late-behind schedule.
Even though we were fast and focused –moving quickly, swift and direct towards Lagos, Nigeria the stormy situation in the skies slowed us down as we travelled through the storm that day.
There were a few thoughts that travelled through my mind on that trip, the fact that we’re acting or moving quickly in a swift manner with focus-direct towards a point or our purpose won’t take away the bumps of life. Living life on the slow lane leaves us on the side-lines not to talk of weakening us within.
When I say weakens within am saying going on the slow lane can lead to our minds developing mental tumors, thereby leading to a loss of motivation. No mind develops anything unless it’s open, just like a parachute which won’t work until it’s open.
As I conclude this article a very fast and focused speaker, motivator, counselor & pastor comes to mind, a woman I recall listening to the week she passed on. She spoke fast and focused daily on been fast and focused at her area of focus. Some called her Pastor Bims; Bimbo Odukoya added value energetically as if there was no tomorrow-no time to waste. Whatever you do slow; work and see to it swiftly-fast and focused. Don’t toy with today, this week and all the remaining days of your life.
Live fast with focus fully.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Impossibility is defined in the English dictionary as something not possible, unable to be, exist or happen. Nothing on the other hand is defined as indicating the absence of meaning, value worth; zero quantity. Fusing them together, we’ll arrive at this definition-“Something not possible, unable to exist or happen is value worth; zero quantity.” You may want to flip it to mean “nothing is impossible.”
Key words are “something, possible, happen and value worth; zero quantity” which we need to take note of as we travel in life.
Start and think for a moment about how you would live life if you were deaf and blind. Would you attempt college? Write books? Learn four different languages? Become a political activist? If so, then you would be in good company with the extra ordinary person who was Helen Keller. She accomplished everything mentioned above and then some. Needless to say, she had and therefore made the world a better place.
Helen Adams Keller was born a healthy child in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA on June 27th, 1880. As an infant before she could learn how to speak, was diagnosed with brain fever at the time; perhaps it was scarlet fever which left her deaf and blind.
Her growth from infancy to childhood-she was wild and unruly, and had little, real understanding of the world around her.
In “The Story of My Life” in her own words, Helen Keller at age 22 a student of Radcliffe College, sister School of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Helen’s life experienced a transformation upon arrival of Anne Sullivan, her teacher and mentor, when she succeeded in conveying to Helen the “mystery of language” began March day 1887 when she was a few months short of seven years old. On that day, which Miss Keller was always to call “The most important day I can remember in my life,” Miss Sullivan, a 20year old graduate of the Perkins school for the blind, came to Keller through sympathetic interest of Alexander Graham Bell.
Miss Sullivan turned the uncontrolled child into a responsible human being and succeeded in awakening and stimulating her marvelous mind.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Good better best, I shall never rest, until my good is better and my better best. “The words of nursery rhyme I remember singing gone in my days at Kindergarten”. These words were also highlighted at a speech of mine years ago emphasizing the need for us all to take our life journey seriously so we can daily improve every way possible.
Except the journey’s seen as very important, there will be no drive to deliver the dreams safely daily. You must wake up with a mindset that the experiences and or successes seen yesterday is your least and tomorrow would be your best life which however is running now.
Dr. Myles Munroe once shared his life story at a conference I attended about their love for fruits of their neighbours which he and his brother always skipped their fence regardless of a ferocious looking Alsatian dog in the home.
One day while on the tree plucking fruits the dog showed up and began barking. He was alone that fateful day, jumped down and literally ran for his life, when he got to the fence, energy unimaginable showed up ‘putting him in a vantage position never experienced he jumped and arrived at the tip of the fence, on the other side in no time-their own house.
The young Myles said he looked back and didn’t think he was the same person who over the years spent time climbing the same fence gently to the other side and back.
Our real life exists someplace beyond what we have experienced since our existence. The real life lives within, where the moral of the story comes from; Myles had always being able to do that jump, but the energy locked within was set free that day due to the fact that he chose to run for his life.
We live a laidback life until the life we are living gets used up and boring to the extent that we get angered inside and deploy your developed life inside-the real life which will only work this week when you decide to run for your life.

Monday, July 4, 2011


An experiment was conducted in which a group of scientists observed some rats in a tank of water to see how long they would survive before drowning. The average time was 17 minutes. They repeated the experiment, this time rescuing the rats just before drowning.
When the “rescued rats” were submerged in the water again, the average survival time increased to 36 hours! The scientists explained that the second time around, the rats had hope and believed they could survive because they had been saved before.
Beginning the second half of this year; you, me, we will thrive regardless of the first half’s outcome. Take a moment to think about the rats “firstly, they made it till the seventeenth minute: only to travel further and farther-thirty; six hours broken down, has two thousand one hundred and sixty minutes” should you want to think outside the box that means we have seventeen minutes in one hundred and twenty seven places, which will be over 100%.
How did the rats surpass their first limit, they had hope and believed they could survive simply because they’ve been saved before. Key words “hope and belief” got them going further and farther from 17mins to 36hrs (2160mins) some 127times longer than their first effort.
English dictionary defines hope as; “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or events will turn out for the best.” The research submissions simply said the rescued rats anticipated things will turn out for the best.
Some school of thought says: “to hope is to risk pain” now if rats saw a reason to hope, expect and believe the best the second time. You, Me, We have no excuse but to believe in a positive outcome relating to the events, situations and daily circumstances of our lives.
Start this second half with hope, expectations stronger than the energy you unlocked in the first half of the year regardless of the experiences past. There’s only one place to begin-within. Walk and work it in your mind, then take action in the direction of your dream, desires and goals.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Energy’s defined as vigor; “get-up-and-go” realizable without pills or stimulants something I experienced recently. I didn’t take note until I sat in-flight on my way back to Nigeria and thought through the energy sapping schedule in South Africa including an Interview which will air on Good Morning Africa 14th June.

Spinach! Some energy activating meal “Popeye used to chug-gulp down.” Now walk back mentally to the exciting cartoon where Popeye needed to boost his muscle power and get out of trouble. Eating up a bowl of fresh-green spinach has so much to offer you beyond delivering great energy you might need during your day like Popeye.

It also reduces the amount of oxygen needed to power muscles by as much as 5% during exercise that the effect’s so powerful after 3days it’s already activated as documented in a recent research published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism early this year, winning worldwide attention from science and health writers.

Dr.Eddie Weitzberg, the lead author of the study said; “It’s like a fuel additive for your muscles. It makes them run more smoothly and efficiently,” his research group from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet turned up is that the ingredients which make spinach work so well are the nitrates, found in abundance in the vegetable. Nitrates make the mitochondria-the “engine room” of cells in the body-more efficient.

Weitzberg is quoted further as saying that it is common cause that diets rich in fruits and vegetable can help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, “but the active nutrients haven’t been clear.

During the study, Weitzberg fed the research candidates pure nitrate supplements-the equivalent to the amount in a plate of spinach-everyday for three days. At the beginning and end of the experiment, they were made to pedal vigorously on an exercise bike, while their oxygen intake was measured, via a tube to the mouth. The result?

The difference in energy intake was a significant 3-5%. Interestingly Weitzberg and his colleague Professor Jon Lundberg, have actually demonstrated previously that dietary nitrate increases levels of nitric oxide in the body, produced with the help of friendly bacteria found in our mouths.

Make energy a lifestyle the popeye way with spinach


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Service is defined in the English dictionary as an act of helpful activity; aid or the providing of accommodation and activities required by the public.
Consumer Protection Council (CPC) in Nigeria recently came up with a submission in the aviation sector slamming their sleigh hammer on Arik Air as worst airline in terms of customer service, as every customer patronizing them had something negative to say about the service it renders.
The Director General, CPC, Mrs. Ify Umenyi who disclosed it during a round table dialogue with airline operators in Abuja, Nigeria said: “Enough is enough; Airlines should plan… their flights in such a way consumers will not be too inconvenienced. She said the attitude of the aforementioned airline’s ground staff leaves a lot to be desired; rude, uncooperative and unfeeling”.
Unless service is upward bound as all planes, regardless of the name, country of origin or destination it’s bound to fail-lose it customers. The way all airlines are bound to have a nose high attitude prior to flying into the skies, so “Service delivery daily should be altitude driven, not worse”.
Every continent has at least one airline that truly stands out of the pack probably because of their staying power and service delivery.
Yearly over a decade now I have flown back and forth-from my beloved country Nigeria out to other countries. Some months ago as I planned, preparing to take on Africa’s Highest Point-The fourth highest mountain in the world; Kilimanjaro, one mountain which taught me many life lessons including preparation.
‘No other airline around the African continent has stayed consistent the way this “Service Altitude Airline “has stayed on course consistently. You possibly already know I am speaking of South African Airways (SAA) as am most delighted to have been celebrated from Kilimanjaro.
Only recently as I checked in as an economy class passenger, prior to boarding at MMA, Lagos an SAA team member said to me; Mr. Awesome we would like to upgrade you to business class.
Customer service should always remind customers; were Kings and deserve an upgrade sometimes at no extra cost to us.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. You and I know what we consume is usually of plant or animal origin and does contain essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. Some years ago when I had the privilege to share the platform with my mentor, role model-Dr. Myles Munroe after a beautiful leadership conference with over 5,000 people and professionals we went to have lunch.
He looked at me during the time together that terrific thursday two years ago and said; “food is fuel.” First time I will ever hear those true words. Some weeks ago as I touched down Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania in East Africa all in a bid to take on Africa’s highest peak putting my body under real pressure everyday for approximately six hours, sure reminded me food indeed is fuel.
You know water is life, which our body needs daily. Do you know what you invest in you reflects sooner or later in the day, with water drank daily on Kilimanjaro 4-6litres every day, even when I have had little or no food, drinking water releases some life-locking within me a will to go further regardless of how I felt.
Truth is strength I had day expedition up Kilimanjaro began was as a result of fibre based breakfast that included ;“corn flakes” eggs, passion juice (from Tanzanian grown passion fruits)blended daily at Mount Kilimanjaro mountain resort.
The nutritionist that took care of me, mountain guide and porters on the mountain made fresh soup every day, every meal started with some soup including pumpkin soup that had: 645kj of energy, 7.0g protein, 4.5g of fat, 19.7g carbohydrates, 12.4g sugars,1.8g dietary fibre, 30.3ug fiolate, 351 mg sodium, 518mg potassium and 103mg phosphorus locked inside every serving.
So much as I lost appetite as we ascended higher up Kilimanjaro one thing I didn’t toy with was soup servings since I knew and also understand the impact what taking a meal can do for me, you, your body and health no matter what this week.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Attitude is defined as one’s mindset, approach while Altitude is said to be height above sea level. Let’s start by bringing those two words together.
One’s mindset or approach, height above sea level; leading to one experience I had aboard my Kilimanjaro bound flight last week. We were approaching Arusha a nearby town of Tanzania as the Pilot announced, “Anyone interested may want to take a look at Mount Kilimanjaro on the left side of our plane”. Everyone hurried towards the wing where I was seated.
David who was sitting behind me, quickly said hello to Sarafina who was seated beside me both Kenyans (sadly the weather wasn’t good enough to catch a view of Africa’s highest free standing mountain) making passengers pass comments.
Since we can’t catch a view of Kilimanjaro maybe Mount Kenya won’t be a bad idea said someone. I laughed as Sarafina announced she had tried to climb Kilimanjaro once and didn’t make it to the top. I asked her why she hasn’t tried again and she said it’s not her type of thing.
I told her that I was going to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro then she said take photos, shortly David said; if you’re going to climb it, then I can do it too. I told him there’s need he prepared himself for it.
He said if you are about to do Kilimanjaro Joshua am sure I can do it also. As I laid in the confines of my Karanga Camp at 3930 metres tent, the attitude David had in-flight truly is one attitude many have on altitude above Africa’s highest free standing mountain, not considering challenge the expedition requires.
Since the expedition up Kilimanjaro started a couple of days ago for me from umbwe gate with my chief guide Ien and a nutritionist-chef, waiter and five porters passed through the tropical rain forest, grassy moorland to barrancho camp and write this piece up the mountain, we all must have the right attitude to successfully attain the altitude we want in life-best by patiently preparing for the peak.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance, anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one's character can take before negativity.
Yes it’s not news several brands said no to sponsor “Summit up Kilimanjaro” that will lead to the hoisting of Nigeria’s national flag for the very first time atop the roof of Africa.
As specialists say successful summits to the top of Kilimanjaro only comes through patience otherwise known in Swahili an eastern African language as “pole, pole” slowly, slowly words which mountain guides say over again on the way up.
A couple of friends showed support towards the expedition some part of the expedition experience I will live to treasure as long as I live to tell the story. Some days ago a drama unfolded in my very eyes. A young man possibly not up to 25years old showed up with a cheque leaf; one out of five that had gone missing from a small business owner’s cheque book, as if that wasn’t enough the signature of the owner was forged.
We eventually found out the identity card the young man presented was fake as it carried the name of a major supplier of the small business owner whose cheque leaves were missing. The bank however contacted their customer who made it known the signature wasn’t his and he was saddened his account clerk could do such a thing, who he employed because of the father.
I left the bank thinking “Patience Pays,” as much as I desire to have every budget, bill(s) met towards the expedition amongst others seeking for my attention “I WILL NEVER ROB A BANK” or defraud someone’s business-signing a cheque that’s not mine because of money. Moral of the story is “patience pays.” Someone possibly will be reading this as I fly off to commence expedition Up Kilimanjaro, one mountain many still see as impossible. Patiently work it out, there’s no mountain someone hasn’t summit before.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


The point of no return is the point beyond which someone, or some group of people, must continue on their current course of action, either because turning back is physically impossible, or because to do so would be prohibitively expensive or dangerous. It is also used when the distance or effort required to get back would be greater than the remainder of the journey or task as yet undertaken.
Nigeria as a nation historically speaking has a Lagos location in badagry called “Point of no return” where I remember taking an American friend of mine who visited after a medical mission 250 Americans flew into our great country for about a decade ago.
One part of the historical location I will never forget is the “point of no return” my friend I recall began to cry upon seeing photos of the experience millions-men, women both young and old possibly went through as they were sold and shipped away all because turning back was dangerous “as swimming simply meant death on the high seas” sadly in that case they had to continue on their course.
Exactly eleven days away am scheduled to touch down “Kilimanjaro International Airport” sadly a platinum and or gold partner pulled back sponsoring the expedition up Kilimanjaro one opportunity as a ‘brand or business leader’ my business won’t miss for anything regardless of our recent challenge(s) since this is my mindset, the exit of a prospective sponsor really won’t stop “Summit Up Kilimanjaro” come march haven reached the point of no return.
Nigeria’s national flag goes up with GTAssurance (our insurance partner); Golden Tulip Festac, Lagos providing hospitality support; GNLD (supplement partner); Laterna Ventures (literature resource centre) and “Businesday” our official print partner. Retreating isn’t an option now.
When you have a goal, dream; make effort to treasure every moment as they are all-important.
Finally my performance coaching, compeer, columnist and adventurer career has shown me when the distance or effort required in getting back would be greater than remainder of the journey or task as yet undertaken the only way to go is forward.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Its some 20days to commence expedition up Africa’s highest freestanding mountain and a special interview with Nigeria’s Channel Network News (NN24) has just been done which will be broadcast this week. With my sports physician conducting routine checks on me again and was asked; Doctor is he fit to climb Kilimanjaro? Original definition of the world fit is “to be the proper size and shape”, which was why my fitness physician whose International Olympic Committee (IOC) Certified possibly was asked by lady who interviewed me.
My valentine’s day was spent at the exercise and fitness sports club of Golden Tulip, Festac Lagos as I had to give up an invitation by the hotel to their special valentine event that I declined giving up pleasure-fun so as to stay fit-preparing for a minimum of 2hours.
Someone once said: focus is been blind to other things so one’s eyes, mind and body gets less attention not allowing for distractions.
So for me making my mental and physical fitness goal priority puts me on the path where am able to remain fit and focused on my mountain climbing goal. What simple action could you take today, this week and the remaining part of this month and year that could produce new momentum toward success in your life dreams-personal, physical, spiritual, emotional and otherwise?
A study conducted revealed when you do something consistently for about twenty one days it turns out to become a part of your daily life what we all refer to as a habit. This simply means staying fit and focused definitely can become a choice for as long as we want this to be. Begin now with one goal; live by it, that after twenty one days it turns out to become a law or an ideal in your life as you possibly know ideals are called philosophies. A philosophy is a product of a belief system which comes from law. What have you been focused on that has made you unfit thus far? If you were weighed and measured will you be found wanting? Get fit and focused. To Your Success

Monday, February 14, 2011


Thomas Edison was a strange child, from the beginning as seventh child of the family, he remained silent, for which his parents may have later been grateful. Not until age four, did Edison speak something that may or may not have been caused by a partial hearing loss which worsened before he was out of his teens.
However, he did something in common with other children; his most frequently asked question was "Why?" For Edison soon became interested in the working of things that caught his attention. That interest would end his formal education at age seven, after three months. His teacher, frustrated at the constant questioning, sent Edison home, observing that his broad head and jaw indicated a mental defect. When in fact, Edison looked just like his mother.
From that time on, Edison was home-schooled, which wasn’t a new idea in 1854, was certainly not the norm. His mother taught the Bible, and the three Rs, while his somewhat undependable father rewarded him with a dime, for every literary classic he read. By age12, Edison became a mini entrepreneur, running his own printing press and putting out a newspaper he sold on local train runs, while using an empty car for his laboratory, a freewheeling and independent education.
Scarlet fever at 14, and or a cuff on the head from an irate conductor when his experiments set fire to a rail car, robbed Edison of most of his hearing, leaving him with only about 20% in his right ear. Historians surmised that lack of noise-distractions actually helped Edison's mind focus on his theories and premises as he ploughed his way towards fame.
After spending his youth as a traveling telegrapher, Edison's first success as an inventor was a "repeating" telegraph device. Fame swirled around him, but Edison seemed to set himself apart from it. When asked once if he were afraid of anything he replied "I am afraid of the dark." Thomas Edison died Oct.18, 1931, with all the lights burning in his New Jersey home.
Moral of his story: “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel”

Sunday, February 6, 2011


World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Your health is your very first wealth. Without our health we won’t be able to enjoy our wealth which is why we need to take our own health seriously.
Some days ago as part of my Mount Kilimanjaro expedition requirements-spent two hours at the gym giving half of it to tests conducted by my International Olympics committee (IOC) certified sports physician: Dr. Dayo Osholowu, that turned out right ending with a handshake as he certified me fit for the expedition up Kilimanjaro.
One of the questions he asked me as I exercised on the treadmill prior to the tests. He said: “Joshua, how are you getting yourself mentally prepared for the expedition?” Excitedly I responded Doc. Every day I start the exercise, my mind journeys as if am at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro’s rain forest, through Mweka gate geared up in my mountain gear.
I guess my fitness physician asked that question with the World Health Organization’s definition in mind. My mental wellness and hike up in my mind is important towards successfully summiting Africa’s highest mountain.
No one, expedition is complete without a healthy you-complete physical, mental and social wellbeing which are as important as the absence of disease or infirmity.
It was John F.Kennedy that asserted: physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. You undoubtedly can create, experience and also advance in life especially when your wellness is in motion never static, continuously creating room for your rise.
Enjoy your February; your health should benefit from you more attention this week, month and also this year twenty elevation. Ensure you make room for your wellbeing; towards a healthy you. Your vitality and daily energy can only come through having a healthier you: physically, mentally and socially.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Pebbles are small stones, especially one smooth by erosion.
Every day, week, month and year; as we travel in life we walk into or over rock like pebbles. Someone puts it in these words: “Nobody trips over mountains; it is the small pebbles that make you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.”
Let me share with you an experience I had recently after leaving a dinner my Mount Kilimanjaro expedition supplement partner “Golden Neo-Life Diamite (GNLD)” had invited me to as a special guest of the Vice-President, Africa; Mr. Johan Fourie where I met the Chief Executive Officer of GNLD International; Royer Uys.
Under normal circumstances I won’t take any invite eating into my evening due to the expedition exercise regimen I have been following over the last 3months, so in a bid to honor the event invite I attended and departed immediately afterwards so as to take the exercise schedule for the day.
Upon arrival at the gym that night to my amazement the doors were closed. It then occurred to me as I was walking towards the lifts the instructor and gym may be closed but the staircases are never closed. Immediately I went to change to my exercise gear and started from the ground floor to the topmost floor as it has eight floors. Step by step; slowly I successfully went back and forth five times.
That evening a valuable lesson, experience and the moral of the story was learnt. In life, been pro-active enables us to succeed. Simply by responding to our situation as against reacting, like some would do opened my mind making me see some place within the same building. Guess what? The expedition exercise regimen included climbing up and down staircases which I had never really done for long as I did and also invested good time that day.
I sweated it out on the staircases. Sweat truly is the cologne of accomplishments and small stones or pebbles on our pathway shouldn’t stop us on the pathway

Monday, January 24, 2011


Having a dream is important. Taking time to prepare powerfully pours life into whatever dream you possess.
Sure you are aware am climbing Mount Kilimanjaro only less than 50days time; though have hiked a South African Mountain successfully as a part of the expedition up Kilimanjaro regimen nothing good happens without taking time to prepare.
Preparation is defined in the English dictionary as a preliminary measure that serves to make ready for something or state of having been made ready before hand.
As part of my “preliminary measure serving to make myself ready before hand, had a brand you can “Guaranty, Trust and Assured(GTA)” for life and living endorsed expedition Kilimanjaro one step at a time.
The Executive head(Managing Director-GTAssur) rang my mobile making a long distance call only a day after I successfully hiked a South African mountain.
Many mountains sincerely can, will and must be surmounted this year through preparation a prerequisite towards success. Someone I respect in America a tax consultant Tim Redmond asserts; Proper preparation produces powerful performances.
Spending or investing time in preparing gives strength towards a successful performance. Ever wondered why we perform less on this side of the divide at football, Olympics or reaching the best possible peak? Poor preparation produces poor performances.
Preparation time is never wasted time as it becomes obvious only in time through success a journey you, me, we all need to take everyday every way positively possible.Enjoy your preparation time and definitely you undoubtedly will look back with a broad smile on your face and or the face of your team that the time invested in preparing wasn’t wasted.
With GTAssur endorsing my Mount Kilimanjaro expedition as insurance brand partner raising or hoisting the Nigerian national flag at the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world at 19,341 feet truly feels closer, conquered as I step on the treadmill daily at a gradient of 7.5% uphill, mentally; making it to the top come March 2011 will happen, haven put time towards the expedition exercise regimen over the last 3months.To our summit success

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Pathway according to the original English dictionary has its root from the combination of the words “path+way” dated back to 1530-40.
It could also mean a course or route to the top. There are footpaths to the top of every dream, desire, and destiny. You are aware a new decade’s dawned on us?
Sit, script, see, and seize everything positively possible. Experiencing elevation this year requires some effort from you. Undoubtedly someone somehow somewhere has succeeded at the career, call, assignment, dream or destiny your heart resonates towards.
Some fifty four days from today the journey up the world’s highest free standing mountain shall start. Since no one ever reached the top without the encouragement, endorsement, support of one, two or more persons.
South African executive of GNLD who made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in the year 2007 was at their office the day I went to pick up partnership products supplements an expedition he made at the age of 55years successfully.
Yes slowly, slowly “Pole, Pole” as the Tanzanians say it in Swahili he explained to me carefully communicating that to summit to the top of Kilimanjaro one shouldn’t climb or hike in a hurry.
He then took a good look at me in their board room and said; “If I can Make It to the Top, Then You Can.” Nothing inspired me more like hearing those words which handed me the words of Little Richard; “I try to be a guide for people, to make their darkness bright and to make the pathway light, and never to condemn or control or criticize.”
Every photograph he showed me on his laptop pulled me closer to the expedition route, even though I was still at the GNLD boardroom my mind made exciting progress successfully through to the top.
This week keep in mind the pathway you desire up has successfully been used by your mentor, mother, father, role model, life coach. Consult, climb up their shoulders if you will, learning so one step at a time you can and will succeed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It’s a great day! Yes year twenty elevation is here. Every year releases seconds that turn to minutes, hours handing us days and months soon to become a year.
You undoubtedly can access, see and seize every dream that’s turned up on the canvass of your mind so long as some effort towards the elevation that you desire; personal, professional and or spiritual.
Elevation could mean distance from the ground, rise, altitude, or increase in other words. Whatever level you were in the past year really shouldn’t be your position or place this year personally professionally or spiritually. You will lift off-rise, increase experience a brand new altitude as long as you commit to it daily.
Year 2011 for example is the year I am making it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro one of the seven summits of the world (which is Africa’s tallest but the world’s highest free standing mountain) which is 19,340feet above sea level.
Listing Kilimanjaro as one of my goals was step one, step two towards the elevation required doing something that drew me everyday towards the dream and with the print media support of businessday, hotel support by golden tulip festac,lagos and GT Assur, brilafm amongst others soon to confirm my mountain preparation regimen with world class fitness scientists, specialist and coaches in South Africa aside testing my mountain gear at northcliff drew me closer to my dream to access success.
Succeeding for me with this dream on the long run would include “hoisting the Nigerian flag atop mount Kilimanjaro” with Ronnie Muhl my mountain guide leading me; secondly raising funds for the eventual construction of A castle clinic in Nigeria availing any child deserving of life the opportunity to live with help of Sanford Health Foundation.
Now what are you doing, have done or plan to do towards seeing that dream become a reality. You are reading this piece primarily because you are alive and as you know. Where there is life, there’s surely hope. How about taking time to take action now towards the dreams on your plate

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Its a greatday! You have made it into 2011 if you are reading this article and a lot more can happen without you,however realizing much more requires some effort from you towards the dreams,desire and expectations in your heart this new year.

Remember reaching the peak demands some level of preparation and planning.

No one ever realizes success without a plan and doing great things in 2011 means making a list of the most important tasks.

"Show me a way to get more things done with my time,and I'll pay you any fee with reason" were the words of Charles Schwab, president of Bethlehem Steel to Ivy Lee,a consultant. This story was said to be one of the famous stories in management books some decades ago.

Lee handed Schwab a piece of paper,saying, "Write down the most important tasks you have to do tomorrow and number them in order of importance. When you arrive in the morning, begin at once with No.1 and stay on it till it's completed. Recheck your priorities; then begin with No.2. If any task takes all day, never mind. Stick with it as long as it's the most important one. If you don't finish them all, you probably couldn't do so with any other methods...Try this as long as you like. Then send me your cheque for what it's worth."

Several weeks later, Schwab sent Lee a cheque for $25,000, saying that the lesson was the most profitable he'd ever learned.

Let me mention that the moral of this story is simple: "If it's so hard to travel through a day without an action plan,pause and think of how sad starting year 2011 the same way.

You can't afford to fritter away 1day or day one of 2011 celebrate your arrival into today.You can,should & must take out time to document the most important task now. Will like to hear from you on the important tasks that's scheduled specifically for 2011. This year really can be eleven times better.To Your Success