Saturday, May 28, 2011


Service is defined in the English dictionary as an act of helpful activity; aid or the providing of accommodation and activities required by the public.
Consumer Protection Council (CPC) in Nigeria recently came up with a submission in the aviation sector slamming their sleigh hammer on Arik Air as worst airline in terms of customer service, as every customer patronizing them had something negative to say about the service it renders.
The Director General, CPC, Mrs. Ify Umenyi who disclosed it during a round table dialogue with airline operators in Abuja, Nigeria said: “Enough is enough; Airlines should plan… their flights in such a way consumers will not be too inconvenienced. She said the attitude of the aforementioned airline’s ground staff leaves a lot to be desired; rude, uncooperative and unfeeling”.
Unless service is upward bound as all planes, regardless of the name, country of origin or destination it’s bound to fail-lose it customers. The way all airlines are bound to have a nose high attitude prior to flying into the skies, so “Service delivery daily should be altitude driven, not worse”.
Every continent has at least one airline that truly stands out of the pack probably because of their staying power and service delivery.
Yearly over a decade now I have flown back and forth-from my beloved country Nigeria out to other countries. Some months ago as I planned, preparing to take on Africa’s Highest Point-The fourth highest mountain in the world; Kilimanjaro, one mountain which taught me many life lessons including preparation.
‘No other airline around the African continent has stayed consistent the way this “Service Altitude Airline “has stayed on course consistently. You possibly already know I am speaking of South African Airways (SAA) as am most delighted to have been celebrated from Kilimanjaro.
Only recently as I checked in as an economy class passenger, prior to boarding at MMA, Lagos an SAA team member said to me; Mr. Awesome we would like to upgrade you to business class.
Customer service should always remind customers; were Kings and deserve an upgrade sometimes at no extra cost to us.