Friday, May 10, 2013


The word Kick-start is best explained as “to start a motorcycle” by means of a kick-starter-a downward kick on a pedal which could also mean to make something active, functional or productive again.

A mail I received recently from Robin Sharma inspired this piece that was also inspired by a tweet that he received; “Does all this leadership and success material really work?  What was Robin’s response; nothing works (no book+ online course + event+ idea) until you make the time and commitment to DO THE WORK.

Ultra successful people are just uncommonly skilled at execution. And we all can get to this place via daily practice “ asserts Robin Sharma.

Am positive every new day is a privilege for us all to pedal down-making something active or productive again.

First, I commit time towards staying fit. There’s an article of mine Business Day published titled “Fit and focused” which is also on my blog. Getting up come rain or shine to exercise is a lifestyle for me. Exercising-building fitness into my daily schedule stretches my body and leaves me with huge benefits during the day. One day I recall using the cyclers at my health club and an elderly lady came to use the machine beside me asking that I be her accountability partner for the day.

During my workout on that machine I recall getting tired, but the excitement that there was someone beside me motivated me to take it further.

Next, in Robin Sharma’s Book “The Leader Who Had No Title” he encourages building value everyday; People do business with people they trust and those who make them feel special. Creating a ritual that ensures you reach out to three (3) possible or current customers everyday. The more people you help, the more profits you’ll see. Do something to help them close in on their greatest dream. They’ll soon help you close in on yours.
Thirdly, schedule family time. It was David Lee who said; “I want to make sure I’m working to live instead of living to work.

Lastly, take stock and charge forward. There are things, situations that you didn’t finish yesterday, last week, month or year. You need to review them if they are worth continuing. Check why you didn’t win and what you can do to win today. The last lap is to work on what was a success so as to experience success with it again.

Life is too short to start with broken pieces of yesterday; it will definitely destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow.
Go Kick-Start Your Best Life!