My Brands


Leadership through Expedition and Adventure Development is a 5days program which we run through our knowledge partnership with University Of Pretoria (UP) South Africa for young people, public servants and anyone interested in discovering towards deploying the leader within them.


Students and school Improvement Program is an intervention towards the transformation of "learners to become Leaders" who migrate mentally from been students to seeing themselves as studying professionals since education would be life long regardless of fact that they are currently studying at some school or college

Awesome Adventurer

Is the outdoor classroom unit of "Awesome Group" interested in travel education with particular interest in travel beyond one's shores laced around an adventure including: mountain climbing, bungee Jumping, Abseiling, skydiving, balloon Safari, Fire walking amongst others in the end the mind is stretched never to return to its original position.

Awesome Impact Media (AIM)

We package, publish audio books, printed books, shoot videos and design public relations centred packages specifically around dreams, goals, legacies so some form of "intellectual Immortality" is created.