Friday, November 13, 2009


As a professional member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS) I understand the need to open my mind during every trip I make to our continental chapter’s city-Johannesburg.
Just travelling gets so much across to me every-time as it did discovering Nomawethu Nika’s success story recently.
You undoubtedly can connect through the experience you had as a child which was what happened to Nomawethu when she was growing up, climbing the hills and mountains around Tarkastad, in the Eastern Cape, in search of fire wood.
She said and I quote: “I had no idea then that one day I’d reach the summit of some of the world’s highest peaks. My first experience of proper exercise was in 2005, when I decided to start walking to get rid of my post-baby weight. The leisurely amble turned into a jog, which became a run, and within a few weeks I was doing up to five kilometres a day.
It was then that I realised how ordinary childhood activities, like carrying buckets of water home from the river and walking long distance to school, had primed my muscles.”
She really wanted to see what her body was capable of, this made her join a club “the Hout Bay Harriers Running Club” bringing medals her way within months for competing in the wine-lands Marathon, the Two Ocean Half Marathon and the Knysna Marathon which helped her weight, the window to her desired size as she continued training as well as racing- “It was no longer how I looked, but about the joy and energy I felt after a good long run she says”, one of her buddies introduced her to mountain climbing, her first ascent was up table mountain Platteklip Gorge.
It was tough and, because I had no training or previous experience, I struggled. But when I finally stood at the peak, I realised that, with ability and determination, I could climb anywhere
Nomawethu Nika’s 33years old who joined two other women mountaineers on a project called Isicongo, meaning “peak of mountain” in Zulu. You can conquer any mountain with a will
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