Thursday, December 31, 2015

COUNTDOWN 6,5,4,3,2,1

This morning I got up with gratitude and asked friends and family if there was anything or things they were grateful for today been the very last day of the year.
Everyone had at least one thing to be thankful for from- Life, Health, Family, Work, Challenges amongst others. One thing I will never trivialize on my gratitude list annually is people. Progress, purpose, productivity are only possibly through people.

Every expert was once a beginner which is why your journey will always be different from you family or friends. 

Someone put it this way; “Not everyone will understand your Journey. That’s Fine. It’s Not Their Journey to Make Sense Of. It’s Yours”.

The Word Countdown means-the period of time leading up to a significant event and the procedures carried out during this time. Another meaning is an act of counting numerals in reverse order to zero, especially before the launching of a rocket or missile.

With this two definitions in mind as this year draws to an end am most delighted New Zealand, Australia is already in tomorrow or the New Year meaning if some humans already arrived in tomorrow we need only prepare for it today as we countdown:
Six (6) according to the holy book (Bible) man was created on the 6th day thus there is something special about the number six (6) so all humans should see possibilities the year approaching holds.
A CPA (Mike Simmonds)brother to my consultant colleague, facilitator & Training Associate Rich Simmonds asked me how this year 2015 went for me. My response was “It truly was a challenging Year, regardless of the challenges seems to be one of the best year thus far”. Five (5) has been said to hold some strength or grace in it. Taking it down to the next number four (4) could be said to represent balance. Take a moment to think about it- Tables, cars, structures everything that has requires some form of balance rests on four legs.
Succeeding in this world requires some form of spirituality –mine is centered in God who is the Head of the trinity (God, father and Holy-spirit) thus Three (3) represents the trinity.
The lowest number that can make up a team is two (2) people and lastly One (1) is the number for Oneness- should I say “unity” an essential commodity we all need to keep our focus single.

Throughout the New Year let the essence of this countdown stay with you from 6-Man, 5-Grace (Strength), 4-Balance, 3- Trinity (Spirituality-God, Father and Son), 2-Team, 1-Unity (Focus).

See that you keep your identity as man (human being) who knows or find who you were designed to be.

Gracefully go forward in strength with Balance remembering without some form of spirituality you are empty.
Every-one of us succeeds through help provided by others in some-way. Search out team-players (partners/people) who will aid your success and keep your focus single.
Enjoy every day your new year holds.

To your rise, soar and success  

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