Monday, February 21, 2011


Its some 20days to commence expedition up Africa’s highest freestanding mountain and a special interview with Nigeria’s Channel Network News (NN24) has just been done which will be broadcast this week. With my sports physician conducting routine checks on me again and was asked; Doctor is he fit to climb Kilimanjaro? Original definition of the world fit is “to be the proper size and shape”, which was why my fitness physician whose International Olympic Committee (IOC) Certified possibly was asked by lady who interviewed me.
My valentine’s day was spent at the exercise and fitness sports club of Golden Tulip, Festac Lagos as I had to give up an invitation by the hotel to their special valentine event that I declined giving up pleasure-fun so as to stay fit-preparing for a minimum of 2hours.
Someone once said: focus is been blind to other things so one’s eyes, mind and body gets less attention not allowing for distractions.
So for me making my mental and physical fitness goal priority puts me on the path where am able to remain fit and focused on my mountain climbing goal. What simple action could you take today, this week and the remaining part of this month and year that could produce new momentum toward success in your life dreams-personal, physical, spiritual, emotional and otherwise?
A study conducted revealed when you do something consistently for about twenty one days it turns out to become a part of your daily life what we all refer to as a habit. This simply means staying fit and focused definitely can become a choice for as long as we want this to be. Begin now with one goal; live by it, that after twenty one days it turns out to become a law or an ideal in your life as you possibly know ideals are called philosophies. A philosophy is a product of a belief system which comes from law. What have you been focused on that has made you unfit thus far? If you were weighed and measured will you be found wanting? Get fit and focused. To Your Success

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