Monday, July 4, 2011


An experiment was conducted in which a group of scientists observed some rats in a tank of water to see how long they would survive before drowning. The average time was 17 minutes. They repeated the experiment, this time rescuing the rats just before drowning.
When the “rescued rats” were submerged in the water again, the average survival time increased to 36 hours! The scientists explained that the second time around, the rats had hope and believed they could survive because they had been saved before.
Beginning the second half of this year; you, me, we will thrive regardless of the first half’s outcome. Take a moment to think about the rats “firstly, they made it till the seventeenth minute: only to travel further and farther-thirty; six hours broken down, has two thousand one hundred and sixty minutes” should you want to think outside the box that means we have seventeen minutes in one hundred and twenty seven places, which will be over 100%.
How did the rats surpass their first limit, they had hope and believed they could survive simply because they’ve been saved before. Key words “hope and belief” got them going further and farther from 17mins to 36hrs (2160mins) some 127times longer than their first effort.
English dictionary defines hope as; “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or events will turn out for the best.” The research submissions simply said the rescued rats anticipated things will turn out for the best.
Some school of thought says: “to hope is to risk pain” now if rats saw a reason to hope, expect and believe the best the second time. You, Me, We have no excuse but to believe in a positive outcome relating to the events, situations and daily circumstances of our lives.
Start this second half with hope, expectations stronger than the energy you unlocked in the first half of the year regardless of the experiences past. There’s only one place to begin-within. Walk and work it in your mind, then take action in the direction of your dream, desires and goals.

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