Friday, July 15, 2011


Good better best, I shall never rest, until my good is better and my better best. “The words of nursery rhyme I remember singing gone in my days at Kindergarten”. These words were also highlighted at a speech of mine years ago emphasizing the need for us all to take our life journey seriously so we can daily improve every way possible.
Except the journey’s seen as very important, there will be no drive to deliver the dreams safely daily. You must wake up with a mindset that the experiences and or successes seen yesterday is your least and tomorrow would be your best life which however is running now.
Dr. Myles Munroe once shared his life story at a conference I attended about their love for fruits of their neighbours which he and his brother always skipped their fence regardless of a ferocious looking Alsatian dog in the home.
One day while on the tree plucking fruits the dog showed up and began barking. He was alone that fateful day, jumped down and literally ran for his life, when he got to the fence, energy unimaginable showed up ‘putting him in a vantage position never experienced he jumped and arrived at the tip of the fence, on the other side in no time-their own house.
The young Myles said he looked back and didn’t think he was the same person who over the years spent time climbing the same fence gently to the other side and back.
Our real life exists someplace beyond what we have experienced since our existence. The real life lives within, where the moral of the story comes from; Myles had always being able to do that jump, but the energy locked within was set free that day due to the fact that he chose to run for his life.
We live a laidback life until the life we are living gets used up and boring to the extent that we get angered inside and deploy your developed life inside-the real life which will only work this week when you decide to run for your life.

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