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Now is the season and time, right now is the right time to celebrate everyone in your life who has spent some time from their life to open you and me up to opportunities.

Musa Njoko was told by a doctor; “You’re in the advanced stages of Aids and have three months to live.”

Musa believed him and went home solemnly, and prepared to die with a weak and emaciated body that was beginning to check out emotionally-reluctant to think about tomorrow.

This made Musa lay in bed for days, waiting to die, and led to disclosure of status to her sister so she’d know what caused her death, which once had escaped her mouth she said: “I realised that, rather than fizzle away, I could choose to go out with a bang and enjoy my last days. So I started listening to my favourite music..., although I couldn’t always dance to it.”

The meals that were her favourite was what she requested; ice cream and fried chicken, even though she could barely take more than a spoonful.

She spent time with family and close friends-though she couldn’t participate in the conversations. Njoko wanted to be in the same room. Earl Nightingale says: “Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” Little by little, I found the energy to do more things, until it seemed I wasn’t on the brink of dying, but was slowly coming back to life.

Njoko’s strength returned and she was able to sit up in bed and hold a glass of water and began questioning the doctor’s prognosis.

Someway through discussions and reading after coming out with the truth of her illness, she began to understand about aids. This knowledge empowered her physically and mentally that on the day she ought to have been dead, her health had improved so much that she walked into the doctor’s rooms.

So shocked was he to see her up and about. The 15th anniversary of hearing her prognosis was some eight weeks ago approximately.

Your celebrating life everyday is important to your living.




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