Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lacing Up Purposefully

Whilst mathematics tells us there are more than two trillion ways of feeding a lace  through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoe, I recall lacing up purposefully my new pair of laces unto my leather sneakers,my last day in Nigeria as year 2011 ended.

Every time I laced up the shoes before one of the laces broke it was specifically to tie them, making my feet firm inside my leather sneakers so I could go where I needed to be. As I changed the pair replaced them with a new pair primarily because one of the old ones broke,It occurred to me that the only reason the old one broke was because it was weak.

When a new year dawns it's simply because the old year's stale,used,past or permit me to say weak (like my old laces) which had to be replaced so I could lace up properly and purposefully to enjoy it.

There's need you,me, we all prepare to succeed this leap year. You can only take a leap only when your shoes,sneakers are properly laced up. Remember there are more than two trillion ways of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoes, silly put "lacing up purposefully" is it. 

The lacing style that came with my shoes may be different from the one that came with your tekkies, there's also a need to tweak the laces for a different event type. Every athlete laces up properly for the race so one eventually gets to the finish line and also on time.

Every pair of laces stringed or fed through the six pair of eyelets of sports shoes on the tracks had been laced up from the locker room long before the set time for the race,easiest way one can tell each athlete is prepared for a successful race.Ready? You can win, when you are properly laced up. Properly laced up means making time to train,understanding the goal before one.
How prepared are you for 2012? Lacing up purposefully means simply getting ready,set to take on the goal(s)

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