Sunday, January 8, 2012


Power is defined as ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent; capacity for action or performance; whether physical or moral.
People on the other hand is defined as persons with regard to their residence, class, profession, or group. Putting them together we could combine
these words "Persons with regard to their residence,class, profession or group with ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent capacity for action or performance; whether physical or moral.

March last year eight expedition experts started out with me from mountain Kilimanjaro's base via Mweka route everyday for six days supporting one man, Nigeria's flag bearer up Uhuru peak.Prior to the expedition little did I know my mountain guide Mr.Ian Minja existed and didn't know he had got to the highest point in Africa 177 times before leading me up the first time and the 178th time for him.

Happy I was when descending the mountain afterward hosted a press conference in Nigeria which incidentally co-incided with Nigeria's Elections Where "power of people" played a major role in Nigeria's successfully termed "free & fair election" elected President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I recall saying to the media, like Kilimanjaro some thought that holding such an election was insurmountable.

Every person that voted displayed action or performance as the definition for power above states,some moral or physical act that could never have happened without the will of fellow Nigerians. Sadly 1st January 2012 President Goodluck E. Jonathan acted against the will of fellow Nigerians who won him the elections less than a year ago.

Only a leader who forgets his success lies in the "power of people," electorate who one way or the other , retain the right to tell such a leader regardless of his stand ; do our will or we will work our willpower against you.

Unity unfolded days ago as several Nigerians showed government as I always say: Nigeria is not the geographical space in west Africa we occupy as Nigerians,Nigeria is the people who occupy the space guess that is why we call it Occupy Nigeria.Accepting the will of the people is the only way to start.

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