Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Fast is defined in the English dictionary as acting, moving, or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift. Focused on the other hand is defined as to direct towards a particular point or purpose, a central point, as of attraction and attention, bringing them together for the benefit of our title “Fast and Focused” will mean acting or moving quickly, swift-direct towards a particular point or purpose.
A couple of days ago I was seated in-flight ‘twas a long haul trip that was supposed to last for six hours, shortly after we got on board and taxied the run way we were welcomed by the pilot that told us that we would arrive Lagos, Nigeria a bit late-behind schedule.
Even though we were fast and focused –moving quickly, swift and direct towards Lagos, Nigeria the stormy situation in the skies slowed us down as we travelled through the storm that day.
There were a few thoughts that travelled through my mind on that trip, the fact that we’re acting or moving quickly in a swift manner with focus-direct towards a point or our purpose won’t take away the bumps of life. Living life on the slow lane leaves us on the side-lines not to talk of weakening us within.
When I say weakens within am saying going on the slow lane can lead to our minds developing mental tumors, thereby leading to a loss of motivation. No mind develops anything unless it’s open, just like a parachute which won’t work until it’s open.
As I conclude this article a very fast and focused speaker, motivator, counselor & pastor comes to mind, a woman I recall listening to the week she passed on. She spoke fast and focused daily on been fast and focused at her area of focus. Some called her Pastor Bims; Bimbo Odukoya added value energetically as if there was no tomorrow-no time to waste. Whatever you do slow; work and see to it swiftly-fast and focused. Don’t toy with today, this week and all the remaining days of your life.
Live fast with focus fully.

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