Monday, August 22, 2011


Mind is defined as that which thinks, reasons, perceives, wills and feels. The mind now appears in no way separate from the brain. In Neuroscience, there is no duality between the mind and the body. They are one, no wonder the eyes of one man called “the human camera” could capture landscape and download details architecturally, yes Steven Wiltshire, born 24th April 1974 in London, England to west Indian parents and diagnosed with autism has the amazing ability to recall tiny details about anything he has seen just once and then reproduce them in drawings.
Steven studied Fine Arts at City & Guilds Art College, even though he was sent to Queensmill School in London where he expressed interest in drawing. He began to communicate through his art. At the age of eight, he started drawing imaginary post-earthquake cityscapes and cars.
His teachers encouraged his drawing and with their aid Wiltshire learned to speak at the age of five. When he was ten, Wiltshire drew a sequence of drawings of London landmarks, one for each letter, that he called a "London Alphabet."
For example, after Steven was flown over the city of Rome, he was asked to draw the city center on blank paper. Astonishingly, he accurately reproduced from memory the winding streets, the buildings, the windows, and other details.
Stephen's work has been the subject of many TV documentaries. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist, writes about him in the chapter "Prodigies", in his book An Anthropologist on Mars.
In May 2005 Stephen produced his longest ever panoramic memory drawing of Tokyo on a 10-foot-long (3.0 m) canvas within seven days following a short helicopter ride over the city. Since then he has drawn Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and London.
Nigeria as the most populous Black Country in Africa am positive will become a country of interest to him soon. In conclusion never forget that there’s no duality between your mind and body-your mind and body are one. Open your mind and make great strides into openings since every mind possess powers stronger than we know.

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