Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Life is a gift the Almighty; our creator releases to us all everyday. Your first wealth therefore becomes your health, which has so much more enveloped inside you for your good. I hope you will live out more love than you get-the way to getting much more than you have ever received, since you emerged in this space everyone occupies in some part of the world.
Do you love life? Experiencing everything good you desire this season has to begin by your decision to take your health more seriously-Your time that turns on us all life seasons of life.
Experiencing success as a professional, professor or protégé whoever you are or whatever you do. Time is to be treasured daily. You uncover and release your imprisoned splendor running on time and doing the best at the time.
We all live daily on twenty-four hours regardless of where you live in life. Research has however revealed that the rich have put their best into their time daily, which is the opposite for people who live poor.
Recently after a live television interview on National Television in Lagos, Nigeria (NTA Am Express) I strolled into one fast food restaurant to have breakfast, that Monday morning at Munchies, I placed my order of chicken salad, munchies roll and a pot of tea. Took my tray from serving point to the eating table area and took time to eat, then went to a workshop where I began feeling funny in my stomach and suspected since the pains were not subsiding after breakfast then I must have had food poison which was probably as a result of poor handling, preparation or storage-known as food borne illness.
Sadly the experience ate up my energy levels; I had to go get medical attention. Next I rode home, as I taxied home, thoughts about life and fact that it’s indeed a gift consumed my mind for the rest of the day, even in my sick state as I took a lot of water which my medical doctor/sports physician advised. Don’t trivialize your health; it’s your very first wealth.

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