Saturday, January 15, 2011


Pathway according to the original English dictionary has its root from the combination of the words “path+way” dated back to 1530-40.
It could also mean a course or route to the top. There are footpaths to the top of every dream, desire, and destiny. You are aware a new decade’s dawned on us?
Sit, script, see, and seize everything positively possible. Experiencing elevation this year requires some effort from you. Undoubtedly someone somehow somewhere has succeeded at the career, call, assignment, dream or destiny your heart resonates towards.
Some fifty four days from today the journey up the world’s highest free standing mountain shall start. Since no one ever reached the top without the encouragement, endorsement, support of one, two or more persons.
South African executive of GNLD who made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in the year 2007 was at their office the day I went to pick up partnership products supplements an expedition he made at the age of 55years successfully.
Yes slowly, slowly “Pole, Pole” as the Tanzanians say it in Swahili he explained to me carefully communicating that to summit to the top of Kilimanjaro one shouldn’t climb or hike in a hurry.
He then took a good look at me in their board room and said; “If I can Make It to the Top, Then You Can.” Nothing inspired me more like hearing those words which handed me the words of Little Richard; “I try to be a guide for people, to make their darkness bright and to make the pathway light, and never to condemn or control or criticize.”
Every photograph he showed me on his laptop pulled me closer to the expedition route, even though I was still at the GNLD boardroom my mind made exciting progress successfully through to the top.
This week keep in mind the pathway you desire up has successfully been used by your mentor, mother, father, role model, life coach. Consult, climb up their shoulders if you will, learning so one step at a time you can and will succeed.

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