Monday, January 24, 2011


Having a dream is important. Taking time to prepare powerfully pours life into whatever dream you possess.
Sure you are aware am climbing Mount Kilimanjaro only less than 50days time; though have hiked a South African Mountain successfully as a part of the expedition up Kilimanjaro regimen nothing good happens without taking time to prepare.
Preparation is defined in the English dictionary as a preliminary measure that serves to make ready for something or state of having been made ready before hand.
As part of my “preliminary measure serving to make myself ready before hand, had a brand you can “Guaranty, Trust and Assured(GTA)” for life and living endorsed expedition Kilimanjaro one step at a time.
The Executive head(Managing Director-GTAssur) rang my mobile making a long distance call only a day after I successfully hiked a South African mountain.
Many mountains sincerely can, will and must be surmounted this year through preparation a prerequisite towards success. Someone I respect in America a tax consultant Tim Redmond asserts; Proper preparation produces powerful performances.
Spending or investing time in preparing gives strength towards a successful performance. Ever wondered why we perform less on this side of the divide at football, Olympics or reaching the best possible peak? Poor preparation produces poor performances.
Preparation time is never wasted time as it becomes obvious only in time through success a journey you, me, we all need to take everyday every way positively possible.Enjoy your preparation time and definitely you undoubtedly will look back with a broad smile on your face and or the face of your team that the time invested in preparing wasn’t wasted.
With GTAssur endorsing my Mount Kilimanjaro expedition as insurance brand partner raising or hoisting the Nigerian national flag at the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world at 19,341 feet truly feels closer, conquered as I step on the treadmill daily at a gradient of 7.5% uphill, mentally; making it to the top come March 2011 will happen, haven put time towards the expedition exercise regimen over the last 3months.To our summit success

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