Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It’s a great day! Yes year twenty elevation is here. Every year releases seconds that turn to minutes, hours handing us days and months soon to become a year.
You undoubtedly can access, see and seize every dream that’s turned up on the canvass of your mind so long as some effort towards the elevation that you desire; personal, professional and or spiritual.
Elevation could mean distance from the ground, rise, altitude, or increase in other words. Whatever level you were in the past year really shouldn’t be your position or place this year personally professionally or spiritually. You will lift off-rise, increase experience a brand new altitude as long as you commit to it daily.
Year 2011 for example is the year I am making it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro one of the seven summits of the world (which is Africa’s tallest but the world’s highest free standing mountain) which is 19,340feet above sea level.
Listing Kilimanjaro as one of my goals was step one, step two towards the elevation required doing something that drew me everyday towards the dream and with the print media support of businessday, hotel support by golden tulip festac,lagos and GT Assur, brilafm amongst others soon to confirm my mountain preparation regimen with world class fitness scientists, specialist and coaches in South Africa aside testing my mountain gear at northcliff drew me closer to my dream to access success.
Succeeding for me with this dream on the long run would include “hoisting the Nigerian flag atop mount Kilimanjaro” with Ronnie Muhl my mountain guide leading me; secondly raising funds for the eventual construction of A castle clinic in Nigeria availing any child deserving of life the opportunity to live with help of Sanford Health Foundation.
Now what are you doing, have done or plan to do towards seeing that dream become a reality. You are reading this piece primarily because you are alive and as you know. Where there is life, there’s surely hope. How about taking time to take action now towards the dreams on your plate

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